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Aroma of the Week: Bourbon Aroma Kit : Charred Oak

We have been delighted with the response to the recently released Bourbon Aroma Kit and have therefore decided to highlight a key Bourbon aroma in our new feature – Aroma of the Week.

Bourbon Aroma Kit : Charred Oak : Every Bourbon lover knows the key role that maturation of the freshly distilled Bourbon in charred oak barrels plays in the generation of the much loved Bourbon aroma and flavour profile. The Charred Oak Aroma in the Bourbon Aroma Kit is a combination of sensorial rich smoky and woody aromas with the trigeminally active aroma molecules produced during the heat intensive charring step. Our trigeminal sense is an independent sensory pathway with nerve endings in our mouth, nose and eyes. Stimulation of this sense gives a sensation of chemical hotness or heat or tingling. It forms part of our protective mechanism in the body that alerts us to potential danger. A slight tingle-inducing element embedded in the sensuous and rich woody aroma note helps define this class of aroma – one that is especially prominent in many Bourbons. See our Bourbon Aroma Kit – for the “charred oak” and 23 other key Bourbon aromas.

The Ritual of Sensory Awareness at LA Group

Aroma Academy is launching The Ritual of Sensory Awareness at LA Group on Tuesday 4th Nov from 18:00 to 21:00. This VIP sensory event marks the launch of our collaboration with Scott at the LA Group.

A fusion of all the senses combining food and drink with music and colour in Glasgow at the hub of sensory awareness. This is a totally luxurious opportunity to focus on your sense of smell and the importance of smell to Flavour profiles in your everyday life.

For more details please visit:

Master Class Dates

Whisky Master Class London Art House

We are delighted to announce the dates for our next set of Master Classes on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2012 in London which will be led by our Director of Science & Technology – Dr George Dodd.

These events are a rare opportunity to have direct access to George in a small group which allow for significant interaction in an informal setting – and they are a lot of fun!

We are returning to the London Art House which has proven to be a very successful venue for the Master Classes held in London in the past.

Wednesday, the 2nd of May will feature the Whisky Aroma Master Class whilst the class on Thursday the 3rd of May will feature the Gin Aroma Master Class.

The Agenda for each day follows a similar structure with a common introduction regarding the key source of flavour – the sense of smell, some key learning points regarding training your sense of smell (including some “insider tips”) and recommendations regarding “nosing” and “tasting” – find out how we do it!

The days then diverge significantly with an exploration of the key aromas behind the diverse flavours of different whisky and gin types, an exploration of the source of the flavours – and, of course, some sampling!

There are a few places still available – but we deliberately limit the numbers for these Master Classes with George so please Book Online soon if you would like to participate!

We look forward to seeing some of you there – and helping you on your journey to expertise!