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Alan Gordon

Master Class Dates

Whisky Master Class London Art House

We are delighted to announce the dates for our next set of Master Classes on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2012 in London which will be led by our Director of Science & Technology – Dr George Dodd.

These events are a rare opportunity to have direct access to George in a small group which allow for significant interaction in an informal setting – and they are a lot of fun!

We are returning to the London Art House which has proven to be a very successful venue for the Master Classes held in London in the past.

Wednesday, the 2nd of May will feature the Whisky Aroma Master Class whilst the class on Thursday the 3rd of May will feature the Gin Aroma Master Class.

The Agenda for each day follows a similar structure with a common introduction regarding the key source of flavour – the sense of smell, some key learning points regarding training your sense of smell (including some “insider tips”) and recommendations regarding “nosing” and “tasting” – find out how we do it!

The days then diverge significantly with an exploration of the key aromas behind the diverse flavours of different whisky and gin types, an exploration of the source of the flavours – and, of course, some sampling!

There are a few places still available – but we deliberately limit the numbers for these Master Classes with George so please Book Online soon if you would like to participate!

We look forward to seeing some of you there – and helping you on your journey to expertise!

London Cocktail Week

One of the highlights in the calendar of the drinks world is London Cocktail Week which runs from Friday 7th to Sunday 16th October 2011 – and the Aroma Academy will be there!

Our very own Director of Science & Technology, Dr George Dodd, will be participating in some Gin events including:

A sensory exploration to unlock the Flavour Experience of Gin and Gin cocktails.
Date: Tuesday 11th October Time : 2pm
Venue : Shoreditch studio space
Hosted by: David Paskins and noted flavour expert Dr George Dodd.

Gin Aroma Masterclass London Cocktail Week 2010

Event Summary
We are taught how to read, write and count, why not to nose and taste? Hosted by David Paskins and flavour expert George Dodd of the Aroma Academy, the session will uncover and articulate the roots of the difference between the flavour experience of one brand of gin from another and the role of gin as the king of cocktails. David Paskins will share the work of the Scotch Whisky Research Institute, who have created a flavour wheel for Gin, and a set of prescribed terms which their panel of calibrated palates use. Dr George Dodd, a scientist who has been an expert on the sense of smell throughout his academic and professional career will reveal the world’s first ever Gin Aroma kit. Throughout the session you will understand how to use these tools to distinguish the flavour experience of one gin from another and therefore how the flavour experience of a particular Gin affects a specific cocktail or mixed drink.

Please click here for details of the event above – and London Cocktail Week in general.