The Gin Aroma Academy

Your route to expertise in the Gin world

Follow our proven system – created and developed by Dr George Dodd (a world leading expert on the sense of smell) - and you can take your Gin Knowledge and Nosing Ability to whatever level you choose:

  • General appreciation.
  • Connoisseur.
  • Industry leading expert!


Please click below to follow the program that best suits your needs:


The Gin Aroma Academy provides a comprehensive on-going learning program including:

  • The Gin Aroma Kit system.
  • Gin Aroma Master Classes & Retreats.
  • Newsletters.
  • A growing array of Aroma standards.
  • Interactive blog focused on Gin
  • “Bespoke” Aroma Master Classes for trade/industry/clubs.
  • Hints & tips e-mails.
  • eBooks.

Aroma Academy are specialists who provide aroma training, aroma development and the creation of aromas specific to many industries including wine, scotch whisky, gin, food and perfumery. Our aim is to educate with expertise and to deliver fun experiences and events!

A division of Scent and Aroma Technology Systems Limited. T: 01224 961620 E:

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